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Earth Day Bombshell: An Open Letter to the UN Provides Educators, Psychologists and Students With Suppressed Remedies for our Broken World Lies and Painful War on Nature.

Posted: April 18, 2023
5/19/23: An open letter to Anthony Guterres UN Secretary-General from Project NatureConnect’s founder, Michael J. Cohen Ed.D, Ph.D., gives everybody a critical green switch remedy and training article that Guterres has for years requested and deserves.

Guterres says,

“Humanity is waging a ‘suicidal war’ on Nature.

We are facing new heights of global heating, new lows of ecological degradation, new setbacks in mental health and our goal for more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable development.

To put it simply, the state of the planet is broken. Nature needs a bailout —it’s time to flick the green switch.”

The green switch remedy Guterres seeks is Cohen’s multiple-sensory tool called, Natureness. It registers directly in our awareness the self-correcting essence of Nature that flows around, in and as us. It’s the critical woke for any individual who has ever been abused.

Cohen says “The daily growth of our war with Nature demonstrates that, by holding an undue prejudice against Nature, all the knowledge in the world to date has not applied the available Natureness antidote for the source of the war.”

“Being scientifically hands-on, Natureness reduces ‘Earth Misery.’ That’s my name for today’s increasingly broken life that we suffer. This horror results from our war’s lies about Nature. It includes our increasing climate change and mental illness dilemmas as well as our abuse and deteriorated personal, social and environmental well-being.”

Cohen is the maverick genius who, in 1965, determined that wordless Nature had to be alive. To demonstrate this fact, in his letter to the Secretary General, he gives him the power of Natureness:

“It’s an absolute fact that you exist and are alive as you breathe, grow, and read these words this instant.”

It’s a self-evident, 54-sense truth that you experience. If you don’t trust what you experience what can you trust without getting injured by the war?

Note that this indisputable fact is a green switch tool that can be added to any “thing” or relationship and increase well-being. You simply make contact with a natural “something,” like appreciating a cloud or our thoughts, senses and feeling as ‘things.’ As Albert Einstein said, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

Our words here, right now let us experience this Natureness moment as our heartfelt, whole truth of our bankrupt world.  When our words and acts include Natureness, we help stop the war and happily recover from its wounds. When our words mislead us about Nature, we increase our Earth Misery pain.

Cohen says that 99% of our time is out of tune with Nature and we suffer our broken lives because they are grounded in our destructive war propaganda, not the Natureness of our planet’s balanced and beautiful natural world.

“The absolute truth antidote for our war’s Earth Misery is to learn Natureness, free, at the Natureness website or via its Natureness gift,” Cohen said. “Natureness is fun, easy and profound. You learn how and why to add the “ness” of Natureness to everything, including yourself. That grows happiness in balance with wilderness in our consciousness because ‘ness’ is Nature’s reasonable love ‘to be, exist or live.’ We can’t afford to start a day without it.”

Contact: Mikeness, Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Natureness Website:

Natureness Article
















Below is the full content of the letter to Secrretary-General Guterres.  It is also online at

Dear UN Secretary-General Guterres,

Thank you for, at last, accurately identifying the war we wage against nature and its effects. You’ve made it possible for Project NatureConnect to create the peace-with- Nature green switch we desperately need to increase well-being.

Scientifically, the switch is a  unique social technology but it only works if we strive to be precise. Otherwise the war’s propaganda distortions we addict to and endure continue to warp our reality. That voids the green switch and its Climate Therapy values.

To be authentic here, I let the evidence-based Natureness of the green switch teach itself to you in this narrative. That helps you learn and believe it directly from its source as it demonstrates how it grows itself. This enables you to share that great missing truth with the world and increase our ability to continually expand well-being by 850%. I have attached our professional training article to help you accomplish this.

Adding Natureness to everything is critical because it is the self-correcting essence of Nature that can transform our war against Nature into sufficiently loving the natural world. This is important since the war is the root of every conflict that excessively stresses us.

Here’s Natureness in action

“It’s an absolute fact that you exist and are alive as you breathe, grow, and read these words this instant.”

We are engaged in this indisputable science fact right now. Do you trust this experience? In these troubled times if you don’t trust what you experience what can you trust without getting injured by the war?

The undeniable Natureness truth, above, can be applied as a green switch tool, anytime, anywhere in conjunction with natural things.  This instant, it is the part of me that is attracted to writing this letter to you as well as the attracted part of you or whoever is reading these words right now.

Here and now, our words help us bond to the beautiful, self-correcting essence of Nature that is alive everywhere. It is our shared inborn love with the essence of each thing in our universe, including each other and our inner child. In today’s space-time Universe science, that’s how everything grows in unity as one single life, moment-by-moment.  That’s how and why the existential fact, above, is absolute.

Natureness is happening right now unless one of us stops it simply by not believing it.  That sounds like a miracle because we seldom confirm the obvious: our Universe is wordlessly growing until it doesn’t. Galaxies expanding from each other show this. That’s universal life’s growth, just like the Big Bang, or before, was its birth.

Scientifically, Nature is alive, not Newton’s mechanical and decaying relationship. You know from experience this is true because, as above, and again here and now,  you exist and are alive as you breathe, grow, and read these words this instant while all things are connected and their essence identically growing around, in and as you.  Can you sense or believe Nature’s time and space loves to survive by beginning its and your life this very moment, that we’re all part of the same  universal tree of life?

The above is no different than how our toes, head and heart wordlessly are, by Nature, attracted to live together by growing in unity, as above. That’s the magnificent, self-perpetuating, Natureness green switch that loves our life into being and that society excessively pays use to conquer and grind into money.

No wonder we are broken and can’t stop the war. We are indoctrinated to incredibly believe that we are not wounded victims of this excessive conquest of Nature as it rages around, in and as us. 

The Natureness green switch works because it’s the pure life essence that unifies our physical and emotional conflicts as it composts and recycles them into Nature’s love to begin and grow all of life harmoniously attached including our body organs, mind and spirit.

In Natureness relationships, Nature’s wordless intention to love life into being fulfills our excessive wants that arise because they are excessively nature-disconnected. That loss makes us greedily seek artificial satisfactions accompanied by their destructive side effects that make us want more of everything for fulfillment.  This short circuit aggravates our  situation. It defines addiction, that we try in vain to remedy with competitive new technologies that additionally increase our stress.

Mr. Secretary-General, doesn’t your Natureness experience, here, or in a natural area, cry for you to trust its felt-sense wisdom and stop our madness?  Natureness can help you and us because it is  Nature’s fountainhead of authority in how its perfection works.

Natureness eco-arts and science expand and continue the healing bliss that Nature grows in natural areas. Its 54-sense, words and acts reverse our broken world agony. Children easily add it to their lives while my 57 years of living and researching it has substantiated its effectiveness.

Here’s the best part of the Natureness green switch. It is easily achieved by knowledgeably adding “ness” to our name and what we name so, for example,  Jody becomes Jodyness, you become Antonioness a tree becomes treeness, music becomes musicness  and I’m Mikeness. This makes all thing’s essence, since the beginning of time, become the Natureness of any instant’s  happiness. “Ess” means “to be, to exist.” This pure truth phenomenon only occurs moment-by-moment in space-time, including this instant.  Do you recognize and appreciate its total honesty? It’s wilderness

Secretary-General Guterres, to globally green switch, simply lead the world by joining with us and become Antonioness Guterres this Earth Day and whenever else it will be helpful.  It will always expand and strengthen your good intentions by 850%, because it activates today’s known 54-senses instead of limit us to Aristotle’s five senses from 300 B.C. As a world leader, you can simply add ness to yourself and any other situation and bring the missing wisdom of Natureness into play.  Our increasing climate change, mental illness, species extinction, violence, ad nauseam, demonstrate the painful Earth Misery that results from us omitting Natureness.

With justice for all, here’s what we need to do. Wherever our media,

education, counseling or livelihood dismiss Natureness, simply green switch into your personal ness, AntonionessLearn and invoke Natureness so its benefits can help us help others learn Natureness and reduce our horrible Earth Misery.

The Natureness process creates pure moments that let  Earth’s love and wisdom use our words to teach us what we need to know. Otherwise, we suffer the trauma of our war stories keeping us out of tune with Natureness for over 99% of our lifetime.

In contact with Nature, (For example, appreciating a cloud), our Natureness truth counteracts lies, unifies all things and it can be added everywhere as we learn it with friends on the internet or with our pet and community.

As you well know, since 1974, our conquered personal and planet life has been natural resource (read Nature’s metabolism) bankrupt. Today it is in 45-75% deficit and counting. This means that whenever we don’t invoke Natureness as a remedy for the person/planet abuse we inflict, our global debt, ecocide, polarity, anxiety and depression increase. It’s not a conspiracy, its a consequence of Natureness deprivation.

Natureness works because it therapeutically interlaces our 54-senses with their source and growth in any natural area’s wordless eons of cooperative life experiences. In these Earth-bankrupt times there is no substitute for this that does not intensify Earth Misery.

Obviously, the omission of Natureness violates our legal and moral right to life as it deteriorates life. Our inequality, injustice and disorders are rooted in our tragic Nature holocaust as it flows through us and our planet. Our lives are grounded in war and falsehoods, not the absolute truth of Nature’s essence.

Natureness is available, free, to the public. Hands-on, it creates justice, peace and sustainability because in authentic Nature everything is attractive, wanted and belongs. That’s why Nature doesn’t produce garbage or undue abuse. It’s unconditional love in action.

Help “ness” help you introduce the green switch benefits of Natureness everywhere for personal and global sanity.  Again, simply be publicly known as Antonioness for Earth Day and whenever else possible and help others do the same.  Gain the power you need and deserve. As Albert Einstein noted, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

On behalf of Natureness, I thank you for considering this  proposal to stop our madness.  I’d be happy to explore it further with you. Once you experience it in a natural area, you will recognize it’s a major breakthrough that can quickly be taught and applied globally via the internet. It should be required, UN accredited education everywhere including the University for Peace. Without it, education, counseling and the media are not credible and, sadly, most other remedies are just band-aids for the symptoms of how we wound Nature around and in us.

Without Natureness, folks don’t scientifically know or address the core of what’s breaking the world so the core continues to grow. Why would you think today’s Natureness-absent efforts will suddenly stem the tide? Would it be because you are not immune, that your thinking omits Natureness as a green switch?

If  the GreenSwitch Institute or I can be of service in an absolute truth UN Natureness endeavor, please let us know.

With Great Appreciation for Your Dedication,


Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D, Ph.D.  360-378-6313 Pacific Time. Email

Green Switch Website

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Online at

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